We here at Willow Acres have much to offer in the way of horse care. Having assisted in over twenty foalings, (anything from ponies to drafts!), rehabbed race horses, competition companions, and even kept a weekend guest in Lester Buckley when he passed through Mooresville. We have the knowledge, and room for most any boarding situation.  Some of our amenities not actually shown via photos are : 3 separate tack rooms, quality, MAINTAINED fencing, mowed field path, trails, rotational deworming, automatic heated outdoor waterers, outdoor shelters, salt/mineral free choice, matted stalls, outdoor wash area with hot and cold water. We could go on, but seeing is believing. All boarders here are required to keep their horses utd on standard annual vaccinations, using the vet of his/her choice. Farriers as well. Your own personal trainer is welcome to come assist you (providing they adhere to standard barn rules). There are a wide variety of disciplines at Willow Acres, and always has been. This is the part that makes the place so endearing (besides Cornbread…of course). The folks actually get along! Trail riders, dressage, eventing, driving, whatever! They ride together, chat, and help each other out. The thing all the boarders have in common is a desire to see their horses happy, and we deliver that in spades. A common remark from a new boarder is how his/her horse seems "so calm". It isn't the water, not that new tack, no one did anything different other than let your horse be a HORSE. We don't tiptoe around them, expose them to all kinds of new stimuli, and before you know it…they are friends with mini donkeys and a pig.