Pasture board starts at $275.00 and includes access to all barn amenities, dewormer, hay and grain as needed in winter, pasture in spring/summer. Dry lots available as well. Stall board starts at $425.00 and includes the above as well as a 12x12 stall with window, feeders, water bucket, daily stall cleaning (we don't miss days…even in the winter!). Stalled horses here are required to go outside daily, and hand walked to field, brought in for the evening. We do not board horses who crib, or stallions. We also reserve the right to refuse a horse who may hurt someone. Life is short, and this is supposed to be FUN. We keep most topicals, banamine, bute, but do not treat anyone's horse without their permission.

Let's be honest, we ALL know horses can injure themselves in a padded room, it isn't pleasant when one gets hurt, but it WILL happen at some point in their lives. Noticing every hairless spot, bump, scratch, or abrasion is NOT considered an emergency. A horse off their feed, severe bleeding, sever swelling will PROMPTLY get attention and YOU as an owner will get a phone call! With owners living on site, and a barn owner actively participating in daily activities, not to mention a group of boarders all "on watch" your horse's well being shouldn't be something you lose sleep over. Did we mention this is supposed to be FUN??? It is expensive, keeping a horse! You should look forward to a trip to the barn. Willow Acres communicates via FB, txt, phone, our community whiteboard, or email. We are super chatty that way. We are proud to say we do not have a big turn over of boarders. Still have one of our originals as a matter of fact, and the majority have been here well over 6 years. Managing the senior equine crowd has become our specialty. Our feed has been adjusted to a 12% pelleted ration to help the "growing older" crowd before they make the switch to a senior type feed. Supplements, provided by the horse owners are fed if required.