Meet The Staff

Stacy Dietz owner/manager

Stacy has been a "crazy horse lady" all her life. Around horses off and on through childhood, her parents/grandparents bought her her first horse at age 15. It was all over from there! Taking care of her own horse wasn't enough, she worked for a few of the other boarders where her horse was kept. Hired at Yellow Rose Carriages at 16 as a stall cleaner, which turned into managing the barn on weekends, and later driving.

When Stacy's father bought the old Kendricks farm in Mooresville, and trusted her to make a go of it…well, here we are! Stacy has taken many lessons, done much driving, competed in lower level eventing and competitive trail, has started a few youngsters, raised many foals, and has loved every minute of it. She kind of thinks she IS a horse…and we don't tell her otherwise.